Benefits of Employee Leasing

Employee leasing offers business owners the unique opportunity to lighten their workload while reducing costs at the same time. And best of all you can save money doing it.

Basically, a PEO is a company that specializes in handling human resources issues. They offer a comprehensive list of services to potential clients, who have the option to choose one or many of the services. These services range from payroll management, to employee recruiting and hiring, to government compliance management. Because PEO’s specialize in this field, they are able to optimize the process, and avoid costly mistakes along the way. Also, they have more buying power than the average business, so they are able to negotiate for better rates as far as insurance and employee benefits go. Below you will find a detailed explanation of all the benefits you can receive by hiring a PEO.

Reduced Liability

One of the biggest benefits that a PEO can offer you is reduced liability and risk. When you work with a PEO, they absorb some or all of your business-related liabilities. Every PEO is different, and the liabilities that they will take responsibility for varies depending on what services you use them for. It would be wise to know exactly what you’re getting into before you sign a contract. You may consider talking to the PEO’s legal department, or consulting with your own lawyer.

Financial Savings

Another big benefit of working with a PEO is the financial savings often found when partnering. The savings may pertain to specific services the PEO offers or to the entire offering all together. Often companies will find savings when comparing their medical premiums to those of the PEO. Every PEO has different terms concerning benefits, so be sure to go over that before finalizing anything.

More Time for What Matters

As a business owner, there is plenty on your plate. You have to ensure there is a steady supply of your product, and a steady demand for it as well. You have to manage your employees, create new products, deal with unsatisfied customers, and much more. When you hire a PEO, you’ll save a bunch of time and money, and have more options for what you spend your time doing. For many business owners, that free time will be invested right back into the business, to create new products, or spearhead new marketing campaigns, etc. For others, that free time will be happily enjoyed with family or friends. It all depends on your situation, but most people would agree, we could all use some more free time!

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