How a PEO Can Help You Recruit the Best Talent

PEOs Recruit TalentWhether you run a large business or a small one, a professional employer organization (or PEO), can help your business to conduct a number of different HR tasks. HR outsourcing companies and PEOs are a bit different from one another; a PEO is more comprehensive, so be sure to figure out which would be best for your company before you choose a partner. Either a PEO or an outsourced HR department can help you to boost the productivity of your entire company however by recruiting the best talent on your behalf. Out of the many solutions professional employer organizations can present to their clients, this is perhaps one of the most overlooked. But it can also make the biggest difference for your company overall.

Outsourced recruitment solutions not only free up the time and energy of your own employees, but also give you access to top industry headhunters. While your employees know your company well, they may have other job duties distracting them, and may not be experts when it comes to staffing. This problem is particularly common with small businesses, which may not even have a full time employee dedicated to staffing and HR.

Staffing is a specialty for some, though not all, PEOs so interview any potential PEO about their recruiting and hiring capabilities in advance. Some HR outsourcing services specialize in specifics like tax preparation or benefits and do not offer recruiting. You are less likely to find this to be the case with a professional employer organization however, since PEOs usually include a broader array of services.

Benefits of Using a Recruiter

  • Industry specialization. Some PEOs do specialize in particular industries. If you find a PEO that shares your niche, you have located a recruiting service which can source the best candidates for your industry. These recruiters have an inside understanding of the needs of a company like yours, and even though they are not actually a part of your company, they will understand how a potential employee will fit into the structure of your business. Not only that, but PEOs also have a lot of perspective from working with other companies in your industry, and may have suggestions for changes to employee benefits and other structuring to attract better job candidates.
  • Increase your candidate reach. You may receive plenty of responses if you place a job ad online, but you will not necessarily reach the best candidates. PEO recruiters on the other hand have access to a wide pool of candidates who would likely not even see your ad. These candidates may be far better suited for the work, and will be contacted directly by the PEO. Just as the best jobs are often unadvertised, so are the best candidates.
  • Save time. Searching for a candidate to fill a position, reviewing resumes and cover letters, and interviewing candidates can itself turn into a full-time job. If you do not have someone on your staff with that kind of time on his or her hands, it can really hamper productivity to conduct a candidate search yourself. When you outsource recruiting services, you free up the time and resources of your own employees and allow them to resume their regular tasks. You are already trying to function without one employee (the role you are trying to fill). There is no reason to try and function without your other employees fulfilling their regular duties when you can get an expert to take care of the recruitment process.
  • Save money. Screening candidates is expensive, and so is operating with an unfilled position. The faster your recruiting process, the more quickly your company can return to operating at its full capacity and the less money you spend on the candidate search process. Furthermore, you save money by hiring the best talent. Your company is only as effective as its employees, which means that the people who you hire have a direct impact on your bottom line. Better recruiting ultimately leads to higher revenue and makes you more competitive in your industry.
  • Negotiation. PEOs can handle salary negotiations, and establish both company and employee expectations to ensure that all parties will be satisfied with the new hire. Since the PEO will be familiar with your budget, payroll, and benefits packages, they are in the perfect position to take care of all of these details. Later down the line, your PEO may be able to help you negotiate raises and even assist you with selecting employees for promotion within the ranks.
  • Regulatory compliance. Hiring carries a number of regulatory ramifications and it is important to make sure that you are conforming to those regulations at all times. There are regulations governing the salary and benefits packages you offer, and even the questions you ask during a job candidate interview. It can be a challenge to navigate the legal code governing hiring procedures today, but staffing experts know exactly how to ensure that your company is compliant. This reduces your liability during the candidate screening process.
  • Onboarding and training. Since PEOs are comprehensive services, they can not only handle the search process, but also the onboarding process. This is yet another key step in hiring, and it is one where a lot of companies fall short. The PEO can provide your newest recruits with the company handbook containing all the policies of your workplace, help them to select the best benefits and retirement packages, and even begin the new employee training process. Effective employee onboarding procedures result in more efficient and happier workers and fewer misunderstandings.

Ongoing Support

Perhaps the best thing about having a PEO handle your company’s staffing needs is that the PEO stays involved over the long term. This is a benefit you would not necessarily find with a standard recruiting agency. If your PEO is handling your payroll and tax administration, training, and other aspects of employment administration as well, then your employees will be regularly interacting with the PEO. The professional employer organization will be there to provide clarifications, arbitrate disputes, and resolve conflicts—as well as prevent them. They will regularly be able to follow up with your company executives and your new recruits to ensure that everyone is settling into your company routines comfortably and effectively.

It is common for small to mid-sized businesses to struggle to balance human resources responsibilities with other tasks—especially without a dedicated HR department. Even larger businesses can benefit from contracting with a professional employer organization however, and many PEOs offer a wide range of plans for different company sizes and budgets.

Outsourcing human resources responsibilities to a Professional Employer Organization allows your company to be more productive, and also to enjoy all the benefits of allowing experts to handle HR tasks. Recruitment is among the most important of all of those tasks, and a PEO which is capable of handling every aspect of your human resources requirements is best equipped to handle your staffing needs as well. Broaden your candidate reach, save time and money, benefit from industry specialization, and allow the experts to negotiate the best employee contracts for you. By doing all of this you will find yourself with better employees, a more productive workplace, and a more profitable company.

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